I Worship The Water (He Walked On) - Ernie Constance

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Ernie Constance

I Worship The Water (He Walked On)

from the The Songs I Wrote For Slim album.

ERNIE CONSTANCE, like so many of our modern bush balladeers, grew up listening to the songs of SLIM DUSTY. Soon after leaving school to work in the bush, Ernie began writing bush verse and started sending his stories to Slim after he learned that the country music legend used the songs of other writers, as well as his own, going on to eventually record 16 of Ernie’s songs. I Worship The Water (He Walked On) chronicles Ernie’s love and respect for the music of Slim, as well as Slim Dusty the man. The first draft of I Worship The Water was written back in 1993 with Slim getting the opportunity to hear it after Ernie sent it to him on tape, along with a couple of other songs to consider for recording. Ernie has rewritten the song to record for his current album The Songs I Wrote For Slim and believes that many thousands of Slim’s fans, like Ernie himself, believe Slim walked on water and all worship the water he walked on!