Foolish Things - Amber Joy Poulton

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Amber Joy Poulton

Foolish Things

from the Foolish Things album.

AMBER JOY POULTON is very happy to be releasing the title track of her new album Foolish Things as her new single to radio. The song is heavily influenced by one of the first queens of country music, as Amber Joy explains, "I sat down determined to write a song and wouldn't you know it? Nothing happened! So I decided to write a song in what I believe is the same style as Loretta Lynn and along came “Foolish Things” which was, and still is, one of my favourite songs on the album". The LORETTA LYNN inspired song will take all country music lovers back in time with its very traditional style and lyrics. What does Amber Joy want the listeners to take away from the song? "We're all guilty of doing “Foolish Things” but it's the lessons we learn from those that are most important". The remainder of Amber Joy Poulton's year is bursting with country music festivals and tours with appearances at the Mildura Country Music Festival, Cruisin' Country and more.