What’ll Happen To Me Now - Allison Forbes

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Allison Forbes

What’ll Happen To Me Now

from the What’ll Happen To Me Now EP.

After dabbling in many genres of music for a number of years, ALLISON FORBES’ career has gone from strength to strength. She graduated from the CMAA Academy of Country Music in 2011 where she learnt how to refine herself as an artist and a songwriter and to embrace what had always made her different to everybody else. The past two years have been spent travelling, writing, learning and playing in small outback towns of Australia. Allison’s debut single, the title track from her EP What’ll Happen To Me Now, was recorded under the guidance of producer SHANE NICHOLSON. Allison sings about living with the realisation of ignorance and draws on her love of classic country melodically and dares people lyrically to put themselves in an uncomfortable position.