Cross Country - Steve McNaughton

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Steve McNaughton

Cross Country

from the Eagles Aloft album.

Australian artist STEVE McNAUGHTON has earned high praise as one of Sydney’s best contemporary rock songwriters, whilst achieving Independent chart success and overseas airplay. His music varies from solid radio-friendly hooks to passionate, upfront and personal material. After drifting through traditional west coast and soft rock, Cross Country now represents Steve's first venture into the Australian Country Music genre, with excellent results. Since then, several more country tracks have followed together with co-writes with established songwriters, both here in Australia and in Nashville. Steve’s 3rd album entitled Eagles Aloft, to be released later this year, has been heavily influenced by his love of DON HENLEY, GLEN FREY and Co. and will even contain a cover version of their classic EAGLE’S song, One Of These Nights.