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Runaway Dixie

All Of My Heroes Are Gone

from the Breakdown album.

RUNAWAY DIXIE comprises band members JIM HERMEL along with VIRGINIA and LYNETTE COAD with All Of My Heroes Are Gone being the first single to be released from their new album Breakdown. The song was inspired by a conversation Jim had with legendary songwriter NORMA O'HARA MURPHY about Runaway Dixie's concert tour of the southern states of America which included visiting many gravesites of such legends as BUDDY HOLLY, HANK WILLIAMS, JIMMIE RODGERS, JOHNNY CASH and A.P. CARTER. As Jim explains, "We visited a lot of cemeteries, because 'all of my heroes are gone.'” Norma also added, "I can write a song about that!" She supplied wonderful lyrics, inviting Runaway Dixie to co-write and supply the music, which they did. Breakdown, the 2nd album from Runaway Dixie, again contains a dynamic mix of bluegrass, gospel, originals and classic ballads.

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