Overrated - Lauren Wheatley

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Lauren Wheatley


from the Forthcoming album.

LAUREN WHEATLEY sure knows how to impress from the start. Co-written with MOLLIE McCLYMONT (THE McCLYMONTS), Lauren’s first single release Overrated is an evocative and energetic track which explores the theme of letting someone you love leave you, and trusting that they will come back. Overrated is the first song to be released off Lauren’s Debut Country/Pop Album currently being produced by JOEL BLACK at Tommirock Studios and due out at the end of this year. Working closely with Joel, Lauren has created a sound that combines the warm and rustic tones of country music with the modern essence of pop. Complementing this sound are the realistic and relatable lyrics delivered with Lauren’s dynamic and infectious voice. Lauren’s recent emergence as an original artist was inspired by many well-known country artists who have co-written songs for her debut album including MOLLIE McCLYMONT, DAMIEN BAGULEY (THE VIPER CREEK BAND), MORGAN EVANS and TROY KEMP (McALISTER KEMP).

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