Give The Girl A Spanner - Kate Cook

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Kate Cook

Give The Girl A Spanner

from the Come A Long Way EP.

Country music songstress KATE COOK has just released her debut EP Come A Long Way and, as a Top 6 Finalist in Australian Idol back in 2009, Kate has tapped into her grass roots and humble beginnings to deliver an inspirational and heartfelt collection of songs. Inspiration for the lead single, Give The Girl A Spanner, came when Kate joined her younger sister Sam as a Trades Assistant at the Queensland-based CAT dealer, Hastings Deering. Co-written with award-winning singer/songwriter, ALLAN CASWELL, it was while working on the tools with Sam that Kate one day looked around and thought “there are so many anthems for hard working men out there, the chicks need one too”. Kate was so proud of her female colleagues for getting in there and ‘getting their hands dirty’, that she was inspired to write the anthem herself. While Kate writes the majority of her songs herself, she also worked with well-known country music singer/songwriter MIKE CARR, to create the EP’s title track, Come A Long Way, written in memory of her mother, telling the story of her life journey so far and the pride she takes in her own accomplishments. Kate Cook epitomises the new face of Contemporary Country and is bound to attract strong attention. She is dedicated to establishing herself in the Industry and is excited to take people on the journey of her life through her debut EP.