Band of Mates - Band of Mates (Ginger Cox, Evan Platschinda, Terry Bennetts)

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Band of Mates (Ginger Cox, Evan Platschinda, Terry Bennetts)

Band of Mates

from the Road to Beagle Bay (Ginger Cox)/Gippsland Balladeer (Evan Platschinda) album.

GINGER COX (Broome, WA), EVAN PLATSCHINDA (Moe, Vic) and TERRY BENNETTS (Gnangara, WA) are three mates who record and play as individual performers but also come together to tour and play at festivals around Australia as the BAND OF MATES. With a unique combination of different vocal and guitar styles, the three mates offer something fresh to bush ballad songs and instrumentals. Ginger, a multi-award winning guitarist, has just released his 2nd album Road To Beagle Bay with Evan also releasing his 5th album Gippsland Balladeer, both to excellent reviews. Terry is a multi-award winning balladeer and has three CDs recorded with his wife Jenny. This new single release Band of Mates was written by Terry and is available on both Ginger’s and Evan’s latest albums.