Driving - Alice Benfer

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Alice Benfer


from the Devil Man EP.

ALICE BENFER is thrilled to release her 2nd single Driving from her new EP Devil Man. Driving tells the story of a young woman longing to leave a small town and exudes an eerie soft country sound that listeners will enjoy. Produced and engineered by HERM KOVAC from Ramrod Studios, Driving showcases some of Australia's finest musicians including RUDI MIRANDA, IAN LEES, STUIE FRENCH and GLEN HANNAH. TIM CROUCH from the USA also added another dimension by playing fiddle and cello on the track with backing vocals by CRAIG ADAMS and GILLIAN SCOTT. Alice is also proud to announce that her first video clip, directed by DUNCAN TOOMBS, is due to be released with this track. This fine young singer/songwriter is looking forward to what 2014 will bring and hopes it will be another successful year.