Shadows - Steve Payne

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Steve Payne


from the Shadows album.

STEVE PAYNE is a singer/songwriter and performer who grew up on a farm and loves everything that is country. Steve has loved music since he was very young, being an accomplished saxophone player, having played with many bands in different styles and orchestras. After life took him away from music for a time, Steve has now returned to his first love in a big way. Nowadays he concentrates on singing, songwriting and playing guitar and has just completed his new album entitled Shadows, featuring songs written by Steve that tell a story in each and every track, including his new single and the album’s title track. He is about to embark on a tour of Queensland that is being labelled "The Steve Payne Train Tour" and he is very excited about performing at many venues and events including singing the National Anthem at the state rodeo event and then performing there as well. Steve has also signed a Nashville recording contract with Playback Records and is very proud to be associated with the label. Previously associated with such greats as JOHNNY CASH, WILLIE NELSON, BUCK OWENS and many others, Playback Records have had over 100 nationally charted records. This means Steve’s next album is scheduled to be recorded in Nashville in July this year with 3 single releases onto American country radio. He’ll also be set to tour in the USA during the second half of this year to support his Nashville record and subsequent single releases. Steve will also be shooting a music video whilst in Nashville as part of the record.