Just A Dream Away - Shaza Leigh

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Shaza Leigh

Just A Dream Away

from the Just A Dream Away album.

SHAZA LEIGH is a brilliant and inspiring songwriter, blessed with a unique voice easily recognisable on the world stage. Shaza’s passionate delivery on this new single and title track of her 11th album, divulges a brief glimpse into the soul of Shaza Leigh revealing spiritual depth and intellectual awareness. Shaza’s 2013 album, Just A Dream Away is a work of art featuring songs of substance with strong messages conveyed through beautiful melodies with original gems blended with all-time greats like Imagine, Try A Little Kindness and I Am Australian. Love, Wisdom, Hope, Courage, Kindness, Peace and Harmony are extremely important elements of our existence and this uplifting album reminds us that, if we are to achieve true happiness in our lives, we are “Just A Dream Away” from a better world!