Choosey - Noel Parlane

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Noel Parlane


from the Choosey album.

NOEL PARLANE took the Independent road back in 2007 to produce his own compilation CD entitled Choosey, distributed on Lindsay Butler's LBS Music label. Noel met the Butlers - Lindsay and Shaza Leigh - around 1990 in New Zealand where they talked about doing future recordings together for the LBS label. Noel has since recorded 2 successful albums with the Butlers, No Limits in 2009 and Encore in 2013. This compilation is a collection of songs Noel recorded with the BMG/RCA record label from 1984-87, released on the EMI record label in New Zealand in 1997 and is currently being distributed and available through the LBS label in Tamworth. Noel and his family moved from Dunedin in New Zealand to Brisbane in 2000 and, although he'd had a two-year stint in Australia two years previously, this time it's a permanent move. Noel has established a solid reputation in the South-east Queensland region and entertains on an average of four to five nights each week. This new single release from Noel is the title track from the album.