Bring It Back - Merilyn Steele

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Merilyn Steele

Bring It Back

from the Bring It Back album.

An organic blend of roots, country rock and blues laced with modern bluegrass, only begins to describe the brilliant new album from Sydney-based artist MERILYN STEELE. Bring It Back is her 3rd studio album, once again produced under the helm of MATT FELL and MICHAEL CARPENTER, and follows the success of her previous album Extraordinary Daze. The album opens with the title song and new single, a retro theme about cherishing childhood memories, the way of life and the desire to bring back a lot of the good things Merilyn had growing up that most kids sadly don't have today. Merilyn’s strength in songwriting shines through again on this album, having penned all but one of the 11 tracks. Officially launched in May 2013, Bring It Back is set to take Merilyn Steele’s musical career to an even higher plane.