Back to Boggabilla - Dude Lovett

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Dude Lovett

Back to Boggabilla

from the Life's Short (Forthcoming) album.

Playing guitar and touring across Outback Queensland in his mother’s country band from the age of 12, DUDE LOVETT emerged as a songwriter at the age of 18, sparking a new direction. Fronting his own classic Rock & Blues band, another 6 year musical journey began with an all originals album recorded during this time but never released. Life simply got in the way with a family, a mortgage, numerous solo, duo and guest appearances in mates’ bands before setting up his own recording studio on his 150 acre farm, to focus solely on writing, recording and performing all original material…..full circle and back to his country roots. Over 100 songs have been written with over 60 original songs recorded, and a new band to take out on the road. This is just the beginning for Dude Lovett... "Life's Short". Back To Boggabilla is the new single release for this talented singer/songwriter…now the musical journey has begun once again!

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