Crown of Thorns Christmas - Niki Vella Power

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Niki Vella Power

Crown of Thorns Christmas

from the Stand In The Breeze album.

NIKI VELLA POWER is a blonde singer/songwriter with a distinctive and remarkable voice! Her passion for songwriting has come from her natural ability for musical phrasing and melody, and a lifelong love for written expression. Niki draws on her own life experiences and her compassion and insight for others in her songwriting. Niki's special Christmas release Crown Of Thorns Christmas, exemplifies her in-depth manner of seeing the world and making sense of it through song. Crown Of Thorns Christmas brings into focus the many lives that are not able to join in the festive spirit due to life’s circumstances; those separated from loved ones or financially burdened and she resolves this in a way that, while acknowledging the reality of pain, gives a real sense of hope.