Soul Lover - Michelle Walker

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Michelle Walker

Soul Lover

from the Diamonds EP.

Hot on the heels of the release of MICHELLE WALKER’s previous single Boots which is still making waves on Australian radio, Michelle now shows her playful side with a glitzy number called Soul Lover, a track co-written with her friend SHANEEN HOPKINS. Soul Lover is for anyone on the lookout for Mr or Mrs Right - those who’ve been down a path of love and disaster and can look back fondly, smile, and shrug off what love has thrown at them knowing one day they will land their ultimate “Soul Lover”. Kross Kut Records’ producer LINDSAY WADDINGTON features some gutsy guitars on this track with MARK RIGNEY on banjo, TONY WAGNER on the keys and strings, LAWRIE MINSON on harmonica and steel as well as gravelly “Joe Cocker styled” backing vocals by TYSON COLMAN. This toe tapper is sure to inspire even the most pessimistic who’ve long given up on love - its fun, fresh and sassy!

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