Dunedoo Station - Kathy Coleman

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Kathy Coleman

Dunedoo Station

from the Hot & Bothered album.

Dunedoo Station is the true historical account of the railway coming to Dunedoo in 1910 and extending on to Coonabarabran in 1917. The people mentioned in the song are real including Granny Johnston, who was physically removed from her cottage before it was moved to make way for the railway. She is well known in many poems as “Granny Stay-put Johnston”! George Denman and his dog drove the sheep from Craboon into Dunedoo and loaded them on the train headed for the Sydney markets. KATHY COLEMAN was asked by a local to write a song about the railway when the town celebrated the Railway’s Centenary in 2010 making Dunedoo Station a very special song that will remain in the hearts of all the locals for many years to come. This track won the Australiana Section at the 2011 Canberra Songwriting Awards and has been shortlisted in the Australia Section of the 2012 ASA Songwriting Awards.

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