Hello Beer - Bryen Willems

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Bryen Willems

Hello Beer

from the No Band Here Till Friday album.

Hello Beer, the 2nd single from BRYEN WILLEM’s album No Band Here Till Friday, comes with a special endorsement from Rhythms Magazine’s Marty Jones who said, “Hello Beer could just be the best song title ever! And the lyrics aren’t far behind…”. The song was born when Bryen and his wife Karen went to a bluegrass jam at their friend TIM COSTELLO’s house on a hot Sunday afternoon. As soon as they sat down, Tim handed an ice cold beer to each of them. With great appreciation, Bryen reached out his hand and said “hello beer”! They looked at each other and said…“that’s a song!” The release of this new single is timed perfectly to coincide with the coming hot summer – where the words “Hello Beer” will reverberate all over Australia!

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