Sweet Nothings - SO (Sarah & Olive)

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SO (Sarah & Olive)

Sweet Nothings

from the Forthcoming album.

SARAH and OLIVE BOOKER became sisters-in-law and close friends and, as stay at home Mums, they discovered a shared passion for music and songwriting. Between the rigors of changing nappies, cooking meals and washing clothes, the girls found an outlet for their creativity and vocal duo SO (Sarah & Olive) was born and they are very proud to release their debut single Sweet Nothings. This track is an anthem for women nationwide (maybe even worldwide!) conveying women’s needs and wants to "their man" in a catchy country song written by the girls. The lyric "I need more from you than three little words" captures SO in their plea to the sometimes "not so better halves"! For a laugh and to portray the challenge of conveying this song to the male of the species, SO have put together a light-hearted music video singing their song to a "dummy/mannequin" and you can check it out at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ehhXyrl02Y

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