Don’t Fence Me In/Home Among The Gumtrees - Jim Haynes

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Jim Haynes

Don’t Fence Me In/Home Among The Gumtrees

from the Galah Occasion album.

Here’s a duet with a difference with each singer singing a different song! JIM HAYNES has had the idea for this arrangement of two great songs, one a Western classic and the other an iconic Aussie standard, for many years. As Jim explains, “I arranged this duet years ago and we could never find a Western singer to do it with. My friends in the US who are well-known in that genre are virtually unknown here. Then I heard WAYNE HORSBURGH was coming back to Australia for good and he was the perfect bloke to sing it with me, having made his mark as a Western singer in the USA for many years. We have a lot of fun singing it when we are on the same bill.” What’s better than a great song? Two great songs of course….and they don’t come much better than Don’t Fence Me In and Home Among The Gumtrees.