The Love I Leave Behind - Graeme Connors

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Graeme Connors

The Love I Leave Behind

from the Kindred Spirit album.

The Love I Leave Behind, a hauntingly beautiful song written by ALLAN CASWELL and DREW McALISTER, is the latest release from the multi-award winning combination of GRAEME CONNORS and Producer MATT FELL. From Kindred Spirit, Graeme's tribute to Australian singer/songwriters album slated for release in 2013, The Love I Leave Behind reminds us all of wisdom that can only be attained by experiencing the passage of time. Kindred Spirit features works that Graeme has made his own, from such Australian legends as JOHN J FRANCIS, BRIAN CADD, KEVIN JOHNSON, BRODERICK and NICK SMITH, SHANE HOWARD, PAUL KELLY, GLENN CARDIER and RICHARD CLAPTON alongside relative newcomers like SAM HAWKSLEY, PETER BLAKELEY, ANDY McDONNELL, PAUL GREENE and BRIAN BAKER. Each song is personally selected by Graeme and recreated by Matt without referencing the original recordings. To quote Graeme, “this is not an album of past hits - but a collection of timeless greats”.

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