No-one Did It Better (Than You & Me) - Gayle O’Neil

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Gayle O’Neil

No-one Did It Better (Than You & Me)

from the Freedom EP.

GAYLE O’NEIL delivers another knockout track from her Independent EP Freedom. A Finalist in the Victorian & National Country Music Awards in 2010 for her 2nd single entitled Every Little Memory, Gayle has been performing far and wide in addition to honing her songwriting skills. Her new single No-one Did It Better (Than You & Me) is a song that pulls at the heartstrings, telling the story of getting caught up in the rat race of everyday life struggles and how easy it is to forget what’s truly important, realising it and grabbing hold before it’s too late. As Gayle’s passion for performing and writing grows, so does her fan base! You can’t walk away from a Gayle O'Neil show without a smile on your face and a tune in your head!

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