Miss You Much - Susan Lily

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Susan Lily

Miss You Much

from the Butterfly album.

What do you get when you cross a woman who has lived in the city for many years and the little girl from the outback who still lives inside her? The current release from the life of SUSAN LILY is the result! Miss You Much is as much about Susan and the freedom she enjoyed as a child as it is about the environment she grew up in. This track is the latest from Susan’s debut album Butterfly, a joint effort between Susan and producer PAUL NORTON. With players such as GERRY HALE (UNCLE BILL), GARY YOUNG, MICHAEL CRISTIANO and Paul himself, this album exudes a wonderful blend of country crossover sound. A Finalist in the Victorian and National Country Music Awards 2012 (Female Vocalist Victoria) and Music Oz 2012, Susan also trekked to Tamworth in January this year, leaving her unique mark on a number of venues with her infectious stage presence and audience engagement, gaining more fans and looking forward to returning to Tamworth in 2013.