She Met A Mine Manager (In Darwin) - Jeff Aschmann

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Jeff Aschmann

She Met A Mine Manager (In Darwin)

from the Forthcoming album.

The wealth that mining brings to Australia does not always equate to a wealth of happiness for families and relationships of those involved in the mining industry. She Met A Mine Manager (In Darwin) was written and recorded by award-winning songwriter JEFF ASCHMANN. The song portrays the pressure of a “Fly In, Fly Out” lifestyle on relationships as well as communities and personal wellbeing. The impact of mining on our unique Australian lifestyle is something we all should be talking about and She Met A Mine Manager (In Darwin) will stimulate this dialogue. Jeff’s new single was recorded at the popular Gatorbone Studios in Florida USA, produced by LON WILLIAMSON with vocal harmonies by ELISABETH WILLIAMSON and the guitar work of KATHERINE ARCHER portrays an island feel. This is a ‘must listen to track’!