The Ballad of Henry Beckett - Deb Beckett

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Deb Beckett

The Ballad of Henry Beckett

from the Homegrown album.

From her acclaimed album Homegrown, West Australian artist DEB BECKETT releases her 3rd single to radio. Based on a true story, The Ballad of Henry Beckett is a comedy song reminiscent of her earlier release entitled Ode to Elsie and tells the story of “Henry”, a family pet who comes to grief under the wheels of an EK Ute, only to reappear during his backyard funeral. A case of mistaken identity! As Deb explains ”The Ballad of Henry Beckett was inspired by the late Rita Schneider and the work of Jim Haynes”. She listened to the comedy work of both before putting pen to paper, taking 8 months and 18 drafts before she knew the song was complete! Deb has had a great start to 2012, winning the Female Artist Award at the Go for Two and Five West Australian Country Music Awards as well as winning Single of the Year for her earlier release In the Middle of Nowhere and runner-up Songwriter Winner for Circle of Silver. Deb also released her first DVD Homegrown – The Journey during the West Australian Festival in February.