The Wedding Song (I Will Love You...) - Ransom

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The Wedding Song (I Will Love You...)

from the Forthcoming album.

Toyota Star Maker 2012 Finalist BEN RANSOM kicks off the year with the release of one of his sentimental favourite songs. Ben has had an amazing start to his professional career in 2011 with fantastic results for his debut single Bourbon & Sunsets and the follow-up single Long Hot Days. He embodies all that is great about Australian music, with searing vocals and infectious melodies, always leaving the crowd wanting more. In The Wedding Song, Ben displays the softer side of his persona as he explores the musings of a groom on the day of his wedding and the key message, which of course, is love. The track has been stripped back to its basics without overproduction to allow the essence and message of the song to shine through. 2012 will see Ransom release his official ‘debut’ album as well as a host of appearances around the country.

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