A Good Life - Carter and Carter

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Carter and Carter

A Good Life

from the To The Moon And Back album.

After the National #1 success of their first single Dance In The Rain from their brand new album To The Moon And Back, CARTER & CARTER now release their feel good 2nd single entitled A Good Life. Co-written with talented songwriter DANNY HOOPER, this song tells the story that a smile can make all the difference. “In the song, when faced with a disgruntled roadhouse assistant who obviously didn't want to be there, we had the choice to be grumpy back or to believe the old saying that a smile can be catchy.” Choosing the second option proved to bring about a change in everyone’s day and the listener is left with the certainty that “You can find a silver lining in a world that's filled with grey or you can fall beneath the storm clouds, it's a choice we make each day.”