Chocolate, Jack Daniels And LSD - 8 Ball Aitken

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8 Ball Aitken

Chocolate, Jack Daniels And LSD

from the The Tamworth Tapes album.

Chocolate, Jack Daniels And LSD, the new single release from 8 BALL AITKEN, is an anti-drug bush ballad, humourously advising listeners not to hit the hard stuff. As 8 Ball explains, “Aussie country music fans out in the bush are generally doing alright with their Jack Daniels and LSD, but late at night when they get stuck into the chocolate, it just tips people over the edge!” A wild outback-themed cartoon video clip accompanies this song. Playing 200+ gigs and touring 56,000 kilometres on tour each year, 8 Ball is one of Australia’s hardest working and most dedicated original country musicians. With past Top Ten hits under his belt including Cyclone Country, Hands On Top Of The Wheel and Rogue Pony, 8 Ball has been a Grand Finalist in Toyota Star Maker, Golden Guitars and APRA Awards, as well as winning two QLD Song Awards and a Southern Star Award in Mildura. Look out for 8 Ball as he brings his energetic musical adventure around Australia throughout 2012.

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