Johnny - The Rain

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The Rain


from the One More Shot album.

Johnny is the third single to be released to radio from THE RAIN’s sensational current album entitled One More Shot. Inspired by an old original “Wanted Poster” found hanging in the bedroom at a friend’s house in Tamworth, the song is loosely based around RED (JOHNNY) KELLY, who was NED KELLY’s father. The track is actually more about the perceived struggles of the ‘down trodden’ Irish - how they rebelled and suffered at the hands of the establishment or, more to the point, the Law Enforcers, to such an extent that some found themselves in too deep, hence the lyric, “I’m Never Going Back”. The music compliments the story with a strong foot tapping beat and sounds that are reminiscent of the old Colonial Style, bound together with the tight harmonies for which The Rain is so highly regarded.