English Rose - Rod Dowsett

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Rod Dowsett

English Rose

from the The Bad and the Beautiful album.

English Rose, the second single released from ROD DOWSETT’S new album The Bad and the Beautiful, is a song depicting the love and loyalty of the proud women that blindly followed their men from distant lands to settle in the Australian outback. Often left by themselves for weeks at a time as their husbands worked away from their settlement, these amazingly strong women endured isolation and loneliness, all the time helping to lay the foundation of our country. The Bad and the Beautiful highlights Rod’s emotionally charged vocals perfectly and features stories that relate in some way to everyone who listens to this superb album. With The Bad and the Beautiful in hand, Rod now looks forward to performing shows at the Tamworth Country Music Festival in early 2012 however, in the meantime English Rose is set to bring a new legion of fans to this prolific singer/songwriter.