White Fella Man - Jeff Aschmann

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Jeff Aschmann

White Fella Man

from the White Fella Man album.

Singer/songwriter JEFF ASCHMANN is once again in Arnhem Land teaching music in a remote Aboriginal community as well as working within an Aboriginal Rangers programme that involves young people who reside in the local community. White Fella Man is the title track of Jeff’s most recent album and is a song about Arnhem Land from the perception of a white man. The observations generally lead to confusion in relation to cultural differences with the lyrics in the chorus saying it all – “I’m a white fella man living in a black fella land.” The Aboriginal people of Arnhem Land love this song, playing along rhythmically with clapsticks and echo. As Her Excellency Ms.Quentin Bryce AC, Governor-General of Australia stated about Jeff, “You have given voice to so much that is Australian, and much of which our country can be proud.”