Evening In Paris - Gene Bradley Fisk & Donna Fisk

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Gene Bradley Fisk & Donna Fisk

Evening In Paris

from the Up North Down South Out West album.

A love of Australian history and respect for our heritage makes DONNA FISK definitely her father’s daughter in this fitting father/daughter duet. Donna recalls, “After Saturday night gigs, Dad’s relaxation was Sunday afternoon drives with the family….we explored the bush, monuments, gravestones and panned for gold! I met Stan when he was visiting his daughter. More than happy to find someone interested in his stories, we sat and chatted over a cup of tea on several occasions and I had to write this song.” Stan Marchbank (1916-2011) was a survivor of the horror of the infamous Burma Railway during World War 2 and had a strong recollection of a vial of ‘Evening In Paris’ perfume he kept as a morale boosting reminder of home during his time as a prisoner of war. The great man lived to hear his story immortalised in song and, in May this year, it was played at his graveside. Stan would have been pleased as he wanted Australia to remember the sacrifice of his mates.