Broken - Susan Lily

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Susan Lily


from the Butterfly album.

SUSAN LILY lived a little before she started writing songs about life. An outback home, a city lifeā€¦.the road between has given her a genuine perspective on love, loss, hope, home, romance and individuality - the essence of Australian Country music. She feels blessed to have found her own voice, herself, and the music that allows her to express and share all that is in her heart. A rare combination of naive honesty and sophisticated lyrics is the perfect setting for a voice that reaches far horizons.

On stage Susan blooms, the solitary songwriter takes the spotlight, sharing it with her audience. Her debut album Butterfly is the result of years of live gigs, a girl and a guitar, a woman with a band. It is also the result of inspiration and reflection, experience and emotion, perfectly portrayed in her new single Broken. Susan Lily and Butterfly are names that will soon be featured when people, both music industry and fans, talk of Australian Country performers and recordings.

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