Bad and the Beautiful - Rod Dowsett

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Rod Dowsett

Bad and the Beautiful

from the The Bad and the Beautiful album.

Bad and the Beautiful, the new self-penned single from Coffs Harbour native ROD DOWSETT, tells the life of prominent Sydney crime figure, TILLY DIVINE. The track was written after reading ‘Razorhurst’, a story based on the life of the 1920’s madam, soon to be immortalised in the next ‘Underbelly’ TV series.

Writing this track was an incredible experience for Rod with the research taking him on a journey back into the colourful history of Sydney to discover the past…the 1920's gangland wars and scuffles and the beauty and power of some of Australia's most powerful and feared women including Tilly Divine, Kate Leigh and Nellie Cameron. Rod walked the streets, reading the footpath’s inlayed references to the most violent gang fight of that time and could see and feel these characters. This single is the title track to Rod’s new album, released at this year’s Tamworth Country Music Festival. Two years in the making, The Bad and the Beautiful features ten self-penned tracks including an acoustic version of LEONARD COHEN’s Hallelujah.

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