Not No But Hell No - Candice & Nadinne

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Candice & Nadinne

Not No But Hell No

from the Breaking It Down album.

A musical dream of recording in Nashville was realised when identical twins CANDICE and NADINNE were introduced to MARK MOFFATT, an Aussie-born Nashville based producer, and their debut album Breaking It Down is the inspiring result. The album not only captures the beautiful, soaring harmonies and unique intricacies of vocals that only identical twins can share, it also walks with Candice and Nadinne on a musical journey through young love and life.

This album is full of exquisitely delivered melodies, enhanced by strong harmonies and supported by Nashville-based musicians who really capture the essence of contemporary country music. Candice and Nadinne now proudly enter the professional Australian country music arena with a wonderfully produced album and, with the humorous and perilously accurate Not No But Hell No single release, these amazingly talented twins are set to make an impact on country music radio and fans across Australia.

Product Info: Independent CE001