Sunshine Friends - Harry Young and The Original Aztecs

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Harry Young and The Original Aztecs

Sunshine Friends

from the The Australian Spirit album.

Sunshine Friends is the first ever release of a brand new recording of a song written by BILLY THORPE and TONY BARBER and, apart from a demo, the song has never before been offered to the public.

This historic track, in memory of Billy, was recorded in 2011 by members of his original AZTECS band, with the lead vocal performed with great feeling by HARRY YOUNG.

Sunshine Friends is just one of several tracks on the new album The Australian Spirit, a collection of songs by solely Independent Australian artists. In one way or another, every track is about the spirit of Australians with each song being carefully selected by Martin Erdman from Du Monde Records to be musically excellent and show that we really do have that ‘Australian Spirit’.

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