A Farmers Wife - Jayne Denham

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Jayne Denham

A Farmers Wife

from the Shake This Town album.

After reading a book entitled “Women of the Outback” by Sue Williams, JAYNE DENHAM was speaking to Producer GARTH PORTER about the awesome stories of these amazingly tough women, especially when there are kids and a husband in toe!

From that conversation, the idea for A Farmers Wife was born with Garth penning this superb song. Just as Jayne had suggested, Garth wrote a fun, fast-paced song, in keeping with these women’s lives, which also influenced the song’s ending where Jayne rattles off a list of things as fast as she can!

As Jayne explains, “This part of the song had to be done in one take, so by the end of it, I had almost run out of breath with the final line simply saying “You’re a bloody legend”, causing everyone in the production studio to burst out laughing and clapping.” The line stayed because it came out exactly as Jayne felt – “A Farmers Wife? Yep, you’re a bloody legend!”

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