Planted Creek - Graeme Jensen

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Graeme Jensen

Planted Creek

from the Bullocky Road album.

GRAEME JENSEN’s grandfather was a bullocky and the inspiration behind the title track on Graeme’s Bullocky Road album.

Planted Creek, the album’s new single release, takes its name from the area in which Graeme’s grandparents finally settled and reflects on the tough times the early settlers had to deal with, from crossing the harsh land, living in canvas huts and cooking on open fires.

Graeme’s grandmother not only had to hook up the chains to the bullocks, but as a new bride, also had to cook and clean whilst carrying babies. It was the tough survivors of these harsh beginnings that began the strong roots that this country is built on. These are the people we gather our strength and courage from. …..the people we admire most.

Product Info: Independent GJ003