It's Only Me - George Sich

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George Sich

It's Only Me

from the True Story, I Swear EP.

It's Only Me is the latest single from GEORGE SICH's debut EP True Story, I Swear, and is a song of complete contrast to the first two tracks released to radio, the timeless Spinning And Swirling and the hilarious I Got A Little Drunk.

As George explains, "I was giving up something, smoking or drinking - one of my many vices - and I was constantly angry with everyone. My wife and kids were tiptoeing around me for days on end. Anyway, I got up one morning before dawn and I was furious for absolutely no reason. I then saw my cranky reflection in the mirror! At that moment I thought, 'hang on stupid, everyone's still asleep, no one's had a chance to do ANYTHING to upset you! It was then that I realised ‘it's only you, it's only me!’….and that's a true story, I swear!" said truthfully with hand on heart!


Product Info: WJO/Independent GSICH001