Concrete Cowgirl - Brooks & Magee

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Brooks & Magee

Concrete Cowgirl

from the Somebody's Angel, Somebody's Fool album.

Concrete Cowgirl is the pre-release track from the US recorded CD entitled Somebody's Angel, Somebody's Fool by the 2010 Nitesky International Promotions (US) Duet of the Year and 2011 GCR Independent Artist Hall of Fame (US) Duet of the Year recipients BROOKS & MAGEE.

It’s time for Australian radio to find out what the rest of the world already knows – Brooks & Magee are sensational together, whether on CD or appearing live and have established themselves as a must-see country music duo. Featuring the crystal clear vocals of the multi-award winning DENISE BROOKS and the well seasoned timbre-voiced BOB MAGEE, this duo has a great feel for the stories they interpret through their music and deliver their songs in a style that is unique and appealing to a wide ranging audience.

Somebody’s Angel, Somebody’s Fool is set for release at the Tamworth Country Music Festival in 2012.

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