Silver Eyes - The Leaping Lizards

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The Leaping Lizards

Silver Eyes

from the Shedding My Skin album.

Silver Eyes is a bouncy original written by THE LEAPING LIZARDS member DONNA REYNOLDS, and is the first single off their brand new album Shedding My Skin, produced in conjunction with MICHAEL FIX.

The band has just returned from the Australian Songwriting Awards where two of the tracks off this album placed in the finals of the instrumental section. Silver Eyes is a follow up to their last single Lorelleveous, one of the finalist instrumentals.

Their new material cuts fresh edges around present day Australian Acoustic Revival Music, while remaining loyal to Australia's own "Heritage Roots" music. They are a leading ambassador band, multiple award holders and first stop for the Aussie cultural entertainment experience to greet thousands of overseas businesses and tourists continuously during 26 years of appearances.

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