In The Coals - The Bobkatz

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The Bobkatz

In The Coals

from the Coals album.

In The Coals is the second single and title track off THE BOBKATZ new album Coals to be released in December. It's another great "story song" from Bobkatz songsmith, GARRY KOEHLER, who captures that feeling of being mesmerised by staring at the coals in an open fireplace, camp or bonfire while the flames dance around. "See the pictures in the flames, don't you love that crackling sound, sparks rising on the wind and smoke that follows you around."

These days in most urban environments, having a good old bonfire or campfire is prohibited or governed by permits and regulations as is the case with so much of our modern world.

In The Coals takes us back to "the good old days" where problems were solved, stories told, and the answers were found in the Coals.


Product Info: MGM/Independent