Mark Lucas & The Dead Setters

Whitewall Tyres

from the forthcoming Putting On The Dog album.

The second radio single from MARK LUCAS & THE DEAD SETTERS forthcoming album takes us into the testosterone-fuelled world of illegal street racing and the story of a good kid gone bad.

Whitewall Tyres charts the engine-screaming, rubber-burning path of a young man fresh out of school and out on the highway in his treasured red XD Ford with his wide-eyed girl at his side. Sadly it doesn't end so well…...

Whilst a roots/country feel prevails, Mark's songwriting truly captures a spirit of place, having a style which is distinctly Australian yet not Australiana, The Dead Setters provide a distinctive musical backdrop that KIM CHESHIRE in Country Update Magazine describes as "a near perfect musical setting for these distinctly Australian tales of restless souls, ghosts of the past, desert vistas and suburban angst."

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