Please Come To Boston - Jay Scott Berry

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Jay Scott Berry

Please Come To Boston

from the Keepsake album.

"The modern minstrel with a beautiful voice." Not as jazzy as BUBLÉ, nor as operatic as BOCELLI, gently capturing an elegant middle ground that is boldly original yet nostalgic. He sings from the heart, with sincere passion. Like the troubadours of old, JAY SCOTT BERRY offers a journey of song ... and beckons us to follow.

His new album Keepsake was recorded at the studio of CHARLIE CHALMERS in Branson, Missouri, with an international team of top musicians and vocalists. A legendary musician and producer, Charlie has seven songs in the Grammy Hall of Fame.

Jay's directive was simple: To create an exquisite vocal and acoustic album. The result is a fresh, vibrant sound, which breathes new life into the songs themselves. He's certainly done that with the new single, a great version of the DAVE LOGGINS classic.

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