I Got A Little Drunk - George Sich

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George Sich

I Got A Little Drunk

from the True Story, I Swear album.

After the success of his moving first single Spinning And Swirling, GEORGE SICH comes right out of left field with the next offering from his debut self-produced EP True Story, I Swear. I Got A Little Drunk is an irreverent and bawdy yarn, in the best pub joke tradition. "It is a love story, of sorts..," insists George, "although my co-writer and I may have been watching a bit too much of 'My Name is Earl'."

Throughout 2010, George has been building a reputation as a writer and producer, and has become a regular on the GRANT GOLDMAN breakfast radio show on 2SM and the Super Radio Network, producing jingles and comedy sketches for the show, as well as the weekly "Ask George" segment.

I Got A Little Drunk is a prime example of George's songwriting, production and comedy skills. "It's something I really enjoy immensely, so expect more of this kind of thing on my debut album next year."


Product Info: WJO/Independent GSICH001