Waitin' On A Good Man - Kathy Coleman

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Kathy Coleman

Waitin' On A Good Man

from the Waitin' On A Good Man album.

Waitin' On A Good Man is the third single release and title track from KATHY COLEMAN's debut album. Both of her previous single releases have performed extremely well on the radio airwaves with The Old Man's Money added to the singles playlist on CMR Online with listeners finding a familiar connection to the song.

Kathy's talent for songwriting sees three songs off her debut album making it through to the finals of the ASA Songwriting Competition.

Waitin' On A Good Man is a tongue in cheek song written in the early hours of the morning. The girls will love it, the boys shouldn't take it too seriously, it will make you smile. This is a song for all the ladies out there still waitin' on a good man to come along!! Good luck ladies, enjoy!


Product Info: WJO/Independent KCOLE001