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So Complicated

from the The Speed Of Light album.

When we think of truck drivers, we think of hardened, beer drinking, blue singlet clad blokes. In stark contrast, So Complicated exposes the soft underbelly of a trucker doing it tough. The narrative is a simple one - a family man working endless hours to support his wife and kids. With plenty of time to reflect on his life, the open road provides a backdrop to his thoughts.

WILDSEED are proud to present this tender yet powerful ballad from their latest album The Speed of Light. Didy's beautiful vocals complement a wonderful, layered musical soundscape. The haunting pedal steel of Michel Rose without doubt adds to the sentiment of the song.

So Complicated is the lament of the workingman. It's sure to strike a chord with country music lovers, whatever their profession.

CRS WildSeed

Product Info: WJO/Independent WSEED2009