Better Life - Mitchell Shadlow

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Mitchell Shadlow

Better Life

from the The Last Eleven Years album.

Better Life is the third single to be released from MITCHELL SHADLOW's new album The Last Eleven Years, a collection that gave Mitchell an enthusiastic welcome back to Australian country music.

With all the songs on this new album being a culmination of writing over the last eleven years all over the world, it's no wonder that Better Life deals with trying to find an even ground and happiness in a world of materialism.

The new single is a toe-tapping tribute of searching for contentment in the choices you make in life, accepting your place in an ever-conforming world, and being at one with where these decisions have led you. It's one of those great country songs that gets under your skin and in your head. It will inspire and lift you to give yourself a better life.

Product Info: WJO/Independent 9343433000119