I Saw The Sun - Leanne Melmoth

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Leanne Melmoth

I Saw The Sun

from the Perfect Day album.

I Saw the Sun is the latest offering off LEANNE MELMOTH's debut album Perfect Day. Everyone can relate to the feelings expressed in this genuine song. You can feel despair and loneliness but soon realize that nothing is too hard to overcome. We don't have to do life alone, and Leanne expresses this with great passion and compassion through her genuine story telling in the vocals.

"Leanne's songs are full of sunshine and hope - the production by David Holmes and Andy Sorenson is flawless and captures Leanne's bright spirit to perfection." Deborah Minter, Capital News.

You will enjoy the change of pace in this latest release and discover that Leanne truly is a gifted songwriter who opens her heart and life in the endeavour to touch, influence and inspire all to be all they can be.

Product Info: WJO/Independent ASN01