Love's Highway - Mark Lucas & The Dead Setters

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Mark Lucas & The Dead Setters

Love's Highway

from the Putting On The Dog album.

Displaying an edgy, lived-in quality that keeps a foot in both the traditional and the contemporary, MARK LUCAS & THE DEAD SETTERS have a recognisably Australian approach to what is often described as Americana, spinning tales rooted in urban experience but informed by a land as untamed and contrasting as the characters who inhabit it.

With 3 acclaimed albums released and a new studio album in production, the band continues to explore the narrative soul at roots music's heart.

The forthcoming album, Putting On The Dog, due in late 2010, is the first studio album to feature guitar maestro, JAKE LARDOT, still underpinned by a band tracked fresh and live, the project marks a move to a broader, more ambitious studio based sound. The video clip for the first radio single, Love's Highway, is out and about now.

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